Painless working techniques

  • Potent anesthetics
  • Sedation in dentistry
  • Your fear of dental interventions will become past

Years of family experience

  • Over 40 years of practicing dentistry
  • We follow new trends and constantly improving

Benefits for foreign patients

  • Prices up to 70% lower than in the countries of Western Europe
  • Possibility of conversation in English language
  • Location of the dental office is in the center of the city. Proximity of cultural monuments and social entertainment
  • Possibility of providing an accommodation if patient has big combined prosthetic works

How to pay

  • Cash payments
  • Paying via bank account
  • Payment with Debit and Credit Cards (Visa, Visa Electron, Dina Card, Maestro or MasterCard)
  • Cheque payment up to 6 monthly installments, depending on a service
  • Payment with a wage garnishment