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How much do you actually know about dental implants?

It is scientifically proven that person with a bright smile and a full dental arch can look even 10 years younger. The absolute naturalness of new materials is more than obvious.

Dental implants are titanium devices that represents replacement for lost root canal. Further, they integrate with the bone and make the basic for further prosthetic work such as bridges, dentures, dental crowns, etc.

The basic for dental implants is adequate bone in the mouth to support the implants. If the bone isn`t adequate, with special surgical procedures we can compensate for the existing defects. We will also mention that patient`s health is of great importance since usage of some medications or illness could significantly diminish or even neutralize success of this procedure. There are no absolute indications for dental implant procedure. We would also like to emphasize that even in that case there are prosthetic solutions that can replace an existing problem.

What is implantology?

Implantology is the science that deals with implementation and integration of titanium structures into the jawbone in order to solve the problems of partial or complete edentulism.

sliak za implantologiju na kraju teksta

There can be often heard incorrect points of view regarding innovations in dentistry and especially about implantology.Therefore, consult an expert!

Implant procedures are painless and placing them don’t last more than 30 minutes. These procedures are being performed by an oral surgery specialist.

There are different approaches in operative work. Doctrines of our practice are solutions that are proven and for which time has shown to be the best for you. Trends are changing frequently and we are trying to adopt what is the best.

After dental implant procedure, patient receives the report which represents a guarantee. All implants are certificated, registered and proven by authorities.

Necessary healing period after the surgical procedure lasts 1-3 months. This phase is very important since the bone needs to implement with the titanium structure.

There are others innovative solutions such as immediate implant placement (teeth for one hour).

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The next step is activation and placement of dental crowns. Implants should be regularly maintained and controlled at least once a year. Like teeth, implants are sensitive to inflammation of the gums caused by inadequate technic of brushing teeth. Therefore, our recommendation is control every six months.


  • Strictly certified implants are used in our dental office
  • With their placement you get absolute comfort in your mouth
  • Doctors in our office are constantly improving
  • Regular maintenance, checking once in six months