Implant-supported dentures

Innovative, simple and financially acceptable.


Do you have an urge for vomiting when wearing complete dentures?

Does it seem that lower denture is loosen?

Maybe this is the perfect solution for you – implant-supported denture.

Implant supported dentures

Wearing upper dentures might provoke urge for vomiting. It is very common with people who are unprepared for this kind of solution. Also there are other reasons, such as too thick acrylic mass or too extended dentures.

Lower denture might also be problematic when it comes to straight jaw ridges. This is caused by premature loss of the lower teeth.

It is well known that this kind of denture cannot be fixed with the vacuum like upper denture so it needs a lot of will to overcome this problem.

Below you can see some of the advantages that make these solutions good for you:

- Implant-supported dentures -

denture 2

- They can be reduced

This especially refers to an upper jaw with braces settings.

Patients would say “dentures without a palate”

dentures without a palate

- Maximum esthetics

With dentures you can make up for the lost parts of the ridge. Patient gets completely natural smile and teeth color is unified and white.


- Prosthetic work is easy for maintenance

After removing the denture, spaces around the implant are visible by eye, thus easy for cleaning. Without any doubt, the most visible parts are the parts which we can clean the best; for example maxillary incisors and upper wisdom teeth.

Number of implant depend on many factors.

Estimation leave to us.

For any information do not hesitate to ask our family team of specialized doctors.

There are no universal solutions. For that we are here to inform you and offer you the best option.