Dental prosthetic

Dental prosthetic is a very large branch of dentistry consisted of many works, such as:

  • fixed prosthetic works
  • mobile prosthetic works
  • combined prosthetic works

Fixed prosthetic works – Porcelain-fused-to-metal dental crowns

Time has shown that works made of these materials are very reliable in terms of durability and esthetics. They are permanently cemented to the existing teeth. As their name itself says, these works are consisted of a metal base covered in layers of ceramic.

Mobile prosthetic works

In cases when we can`t place the implants, today’s new types of dentures could be ideal replacement. They are flexible, light and esthetically more than acceptable.

Main criteria in choosing the dentures is the number of teeth and their position in a jaw. New generations of small hooks attached to the teeth can be in teeth color or gums color, which would mean they are practically invisible. With their flexibility you can achieve absolute comfort in your mouth.


Combined prosthetic works

Combined prosthetic works are consisted of two parts: fixed prosthetic work – most commonly porcelain fused to metal dental crowns – and removable dentures. Fixed prosthetic work is permanently cemented to remaining teeth while denture is being attached to the fixed part through hidden clasps.

The Advantage of this kind of prosthetic work is perfect esthetic since these small hooks are not visible.

Dentures are reduced so patients are easily accustomed to them.

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