Flexible Dentures


In cases when there are no indications for implants or when our patients are simply not interested for this kind of intervention, new types of dentures can be an ideal replacement.

Flexible, light and esthetically more acceptable – valplast and bio dentaplast dentures.

fleksibilne proteze

Innovative prosthetic solution

flexible dentures belgrade

Do you wish to get rid of metal clasps that ruin your smile?

Are you familiar with the new generation clasps which can be in white color or in the color of your gums?

Can you imagine that these dentures are actually flexible and more comfortable for the jaw?

Look at the examples given below:

dentures 2

Do you notice the clasps?


There are many types of flexible dentures. As we mentioned before, there are valplast and bio-dentaplast dentures.

On any details you will be informed at our free examination.

Which benefits can flexible dentures have?

- They are reparable

In most cases we can fix if some problems with the dentures appear without making the new one

- These dentures are simple to make and maintain

This is very important to the patients who have sensitive gums.

-Dentures are very durable

- Esthetically more than acceptable-almost imperceptible

bio dentalplast

- New-generation materials and modern and innovative solutions

The main criteria when choosing the dentures is the number of the teeth and their position in the jaw.

For that reason we recommend first free examination and consultation so as to offer you every possible solution.

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