Have you heard of Hollywood smile? Sounds familiar? Now you can have one!

Esthetic dentistry has gone to much higher level. Veneers are used in cases when we want to keep biological tissue of teeth, if possible, or if the patient is not satisfied with the shape or color of his/her teeth. This procedures gives us natural and bright smile. The process of preparing teeth for veneers is different than standard procedures since it requires little or none at all removal of tooth structure.

For example, let`s take tetracyclic teeth. Whitening of these kind of teeth is extremely limited so in that case we use veneers. Veneers are composite or porcelain thin shells custom made for your teeth, approximately 1 mm thick. They are placed over the surface of the teeth.

If there is a bigger damage of the tooth with fillings or cavities, we recommend non-metal crowns.

  • No aggressive procedure of dental drilling
  • Preservation of the teeth structure
  • Maximal esthetic effect